Women know better!

by - 20:46

"Two little birds seating in a chest, a man bird and a female bird, and they just seating there happy. And then, the female bird gets up and decides that she doesn't want to be with him no more, she doesn't just fly away, she does it like woman...she does like this, she takes one twig and flies to the other side of the town, where she wants to move...Then she flies back, very patient...Two weeks later she takes another twig, flies to the other side of the town, male bird just seating there happy having his meal, he doesnt know what is happening. Just like a woman she doesnt leave one nest till she got another nest. The woman knows when the man isnt the one, she just decides to be patient. Man, if you dont believe what I am telling you, go home and check your bank account...If you got a 25 dollars missing, that's a twig and she is ready to fly away!"

by Madea (Tyler Perry)

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