According to Greta

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This movie is the kind that I can watch several times because I can relate a lot. First, the character is completely nonsense, she has a lot of issues and problems but she tries to not show them just acting really aggressive and being a "bitch". Greta is a teenager and she wants to die, first it may seem that she is childish and she just wants attention, and in one hand its right but in the other hand she has her motives and might be not enough but for a teenager it really can make her have suicidal thoughts. I completely understand her because life sometimes can make you want to disappear forever.

So she believes that she has many reasons to die. First of all, she thinks that growing up is really sad because after your teenagers years are gone everything is bored and too complicated and when you are an elderly it gets even worse, she thinks elderly people are not happy and they are just waiting to die, so she just thinks that its better to die now that she is young and had the best years of her life than living with the weight of the age; her mother cares more about her relationships than her and sent her to spend the summer with their grandpas; and the main reason is because her dad committed a suicide.

I love this kind of movies that can speak for themselves, like the characters are real and you can tell the pain and what is going through their minds. I understood that she is really hurt that her father committed suicide which means that she was not a reason enough for him to live, she feels like he didn't love her, and I think that's the worst feeling in life, knowing that your father didn't love you or didn't care enough about you.

Anyways, the time that she stays with her grandpas she learns that there is more to life and that things are not so bad. She meets a guy and he helps her grow and see that she should be glad that she is alive, he had been through worse times than her and he still wants to live.

I love the way this movie teaches us to value life.

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