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It's really hard to find people who like the course they are doing or that it suits them. Just starting by the fact that a lot of people don't know what "Us" "we" me" "I" means. How am I suppose to know what I like if I don't even know who I am? We spent our youth trying to finding ourselves, facing problems that make us grow, change and improve. If I look through all the things I like,  I will never come to a conclusion to what I am supposed to do in life, because our interests are based on watching TV, being with friends, listen to music, read and things like that. Even if you have a different hobby and a secret passion, our lives are so busy and around so many distracting things that we can't even do what we really like, because we have been used to spent all of our time on the internet.

 Social media makes us so addicted to it that we don't even who we are and the thing is they are supposed to make us show the world who we truly are.

I know a lot of people who are doing business degrees, and I ask myself, do they really dreamed about being a manager/ business man/ entrepreneur? No, they don't… When we are young we dream of being a pilot, doctor, fireman, actress, singer, etc. Nobody study business based on their own desire, they study it because it might open a lot of doors, or the high percentage of jobs offering or for the money and financial status.

I really respect people who take a medicine or engineering course, because that's the big deal, it takes passion, willing and it's a choice of life. When it comes to the entertainment business, singers, actors bla bla I respect their choice too because it takes courage, persistence and natural talent.

I don't remember dreaming about anything when I was a kid but I do remember when I met my first real love, "writing". I was only 13 and I couldn't stop writing, I could write about everything and anything, things that bothered me and that touched me. Since then, I knew that I wanted to be a writer.

My family and society told me to choose an appropriate inclination and I did. People always told me that I talk too much and I always have undoubtedly arguments, so I decided that I  wanted to be a lawyer but I  was too lazy to choose this stressful degree. I wanted to just get over with it, I wanted something easy and fast. That I was my plan…

Thousands of careers have come to my mind, I have wanted to be a screenwriter for movies, work in international relations, spokesperson. etc.

I choose PR. Don't ask me why. I am so afraid of fighting for the things that I really want that I just give up and choose the easier option, so I started linking courses, law- social communications- media relations- public relations, that was the process that leads to PR, I started analysing one by one and I guess PR was the one I felt most comfortable with.

What I am trying to defend here is that sometimes people are forced or force themselves to do a degree that they don't even like, but degrees offer several opportunities and you don't need to be stuck in one area, you can always create links and try to see what suits you best.

 Recently, I have been trying to find PR in me or me in PR, to be honest, I like my course and might have lied various times when I mentioned in an assignment that it was my dream course, it's definitely not, but it's the course I choose. I find kind funny that the word course has different definitions: way, route, and path. Your course is your direction, it helped you build a profile and now you can do everything with it.

The first step of this journey is using "I", don't say "My degree will lead me", say it correctly  "I will lead my apprenticeship to". I decided to use my PR experience to work in Crisis Management and Philanthropy. Crisis management is a PR specialist expertise that takes action when a crisis is developed, to be more specific, it deals with organisations problems, helping maintain its reputation and social image. Philanthropy looks for ways to help people in need, especially financially (charity). I am a volunteer and I never thought I could enjoy helping others. Those two tell a lot about me and I really see myself rushing looking for information and background history on my clients in order to help their reputation problems or either giving my time to a community.

Don't let your course/degree define you… the sky is the limit!

Lunga Izata

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