Saul William's Poem Slam (movie)

by - 21:42

"You massage the universes' spine the way you

twirl through time and leave shadows on the sun.
My love is the windsong, if it is up to me I will never die...
if it is up to I will die tomorrow a thousand times in an hour
and live seven minutes later.
If it is up to me the sun will never cease to shine
and the Moon will never cease to glow
and I'll dance a million tomorrows in the sun rays
of the moon-waves and bathe in the yesterdays of days
to come ignoring all of my afterthoughtsand pre-conceived notions
If it is up to me, it is up to me
and thus is my love, untainted, eternal

The wind is the moons imagination... it wanders,
It seeps through cracks,
it ripples the grass, explores the unknown
My love is my souls imagination...
how do I love you... imagine."

I love anything that makes me think and explore ways to understand it better. Poetry is a way to express your feelings with imagination. I love poems which are not direct, that use thousands words, metaphors to define simple things, which makes us look at simple things in a different way.

He values life and sees beauty in everything. He thinks life is a gift and he is enjoying every minute and doesn't regret the past neither idealizes the future, he lives for the moment. "of the moon-waves and bathe in the yesterdays of days to come ignoring all of my afterthoughts"

"If it is up to me, it is up to me" He controls his life and how he should live.

There is a comparison between the wind and imagination, which we can say millions things from that, I guess its about how imagination can be different things, be anywhere, do whatever it wants. There is a quote that I can definitely relate "I think, therefore I exist" -- Rene Descartes; you can imagine anything you want, the power of imagination is limitless.

If imagination is infinite, his soul's imagination is everything he can dream about and therefore his love is endless, undefined and immense. And its impossible to imagine or predict how deep it is.

Lunga Izata

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