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I am really into music, life stories and quotes. I am writing to express my interest in a particular song called "This woman's work". When I remember a song or I listen for the first time and I fall in love with it, I just can't stop listening to it, I can do it everyday, every hour, every second, and my friends tell me all the time that is annoying. Anyways the point is, I really like the song and the lyrics and I would like to talk about how I feel about it and how the lyrics affects me.

So the song is about a guy who is worried about loosing his woman or has lost his woman and she is pregnant. He says that she has a "little" (baby) life inside of her and because of that she should be strong and try to survive in sake of her child. He mentions that he should be crying but I don't think he does because he wants to keep calm and hope for the best. Also he starts saying that they should have said and done things but they didn't. The thing is he regrets not enjoying the time when she was ok and he is not ready to let her go. Especially, he asks "to make it go away", he wants this tragedy to be over.

I don't understand why I decided to write a comment about this song but its been in my mind for a week and I can't stop listening and sometimes I cry and remember about things that I didn't say or do that I wanted to. The point is if you love someone never let her/him go, hold them very tight; if you have something to say say it, forget about pride or shame, because those things don't matter; if you want to do something, something that you always dreamed about and you are too scared, don't be afraid, everything is possible.

Since I am talking about songs, there is another one that relates to my advice here. The song is called "Coisas que eu sei" Things that I know and there is a sentence in the lyrics that say : "o medo mora perto das ideas loucas" fear lives near crazy ideas; it means that fear only exists when you think about something big and powerful, something that takes courage to do it. Do whatever you want and whenever you want; say whatever you want and whenever you want! LOL

By the way I love Maxwell's voice and the way he sings I can swear that he is suffering.

Lunga Izata

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