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PR asks for a lot of writing skills and imagination. Even though in our daily lives happen so many things and we face strange situations every day, we still find it difficult to put in writing and express ourselves.

I always try to learn new things and show my interest on society issues.

In my university they look to improve students’ knowledge and constantly offering them new opportunities. I decided to get involved in an organisation called Beatbullying, which is a bullying prevention charity working with children and young people.

The first feeling I had about this new experience was realising that it was my first step of philanthropy. Philantrophy means "love of humanity" and its about helping others, caring and feeling proud of it. Recently, it is more based in financially support.

I have been volunteering for one year now and I have changed so much. I thought I was giving something to the Leeds community but I guess they gave me something back, they gave me hope and faith. I used to be so negative about the world, complaining about everything and never doing anything to change or to progress. Now, I hope for a better future, a better world and I have faith in myself.

I am at a stage in life that I realised all the things around me, all the problems that even though it’s not related to me, it affects me.

I heard about Beatbullying and I decided to go to a training conference. Basically, I was trained to be a LifeMentor and my work is around the website and I can only have online interaction with my mentees. So, I learned how to use the website, how to interact with others, get to know them and their problems, accept them the way they are and respond to their problems and look for ways to help. In other words, I need to be a "friend", always ready to listen and support. Everything is private and we don't know each others’ identities, because it’s about personal matters and it is important to make them feel comfortable with us, without any judgements.

Besides my intentions to help others, I think the act of bullying is really shady. People are different and sometime it's difficult to accept others and to be accepted. Let me tell you how I see the world and how I think bullying starts. Usually people bullied are the ones considered different because they stand out. Those people have the courage to be who they really are, and show to everyone, they are fearless and don't care about what other people think, they know that even though something it’s not considered normal or accepted, they will do it anyway because they want to. And then, we have the bullies, the ones who do everything in their power to hurt the other ones, they do it because they don't have the power in them to show people who they are, they are insecure.

 “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will have peace.”

The thing is, society has standards and a type of "manual" of how people should live. There are two kinds of people, the ones that don't follow the manual, and will stand up for themselves and say what they have in mind even if they know that's not supposed to say, and then we have the ones that live for appearance and do everything that it’s considered right.

Being insecure it's ok, everyone is! But you can't blame your insecurities on some else. Learn how to take the good from the bad. If you are insecure it means that God is providing you an opportunity to fight it and learn how to be OK with yourself.

“I would rather be a little nobody, then to be an evil somebody.” Abraham Lincoln

I am enjoying this new experience and I really care about the people I am mentoring, even though I never saw them. And that's the special thing about it, learning to liking someone not based on their looks. Sometimes I feel really worried about them, because I can really feel their pain, and there are times that even my advices can't help and they feel like dying. It is really hard not knowing what's happening on the other side of the conversation. I just hope it’s only a stage in their lives and they will overcome it.

 Lunga Izata

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