Boys over Flowers

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I am really dramatic and sensitive and instead of avoiding things that make me cry I look for thousands reasons to cry, sometimes I think I am masochist. I am addicted to movies and series, especially the sad ones that make me value my life.

Two weeks ago I was so bored and I couldn't find any good movie maybe because I spent half of my useless days watching them and I think I have watched all the good American movies in this world lol. So I was tired of the same type of movies and I found a good Japanese movie, drama of course. After watching several Japanese movies, I decided to learn more about their entertainment culture. I found out that most of Japanese series have a Korean version and I was very keen on watching them. A friend told me about a series called "Boys over Flowers".

I don't know how to express my feelings towards this series, I am so overwhelmed and excited that I had to post something about it. If I could write a screenplay about a series based on love, it would definitely be Boys over flowers, exactly, I wouldn't change a thing.

Basically, it's a kind of cinderella story about a poor girl and a rich guy. After hating each other they fall in love, she hated him because he was egocentric and superficial and he hated her because she was different and strange (in a good way).

The message here is to learn to love. He was a self-centred guy who had everything, and she was a special girl with nothing to offer besides love. He started changing because of her, becoming a better person. He changed so much till the point, he went against his family, society norms, schoolmates to protect her.

The thing is, this Korean drama besides having an amazing story, the script is really real, everything about it's touching starting by the way the actors speak about their feelings, telling exactly how they feel, anyone can relate to it; the scenes shape perfectly the story; the soundtrack is deep; the way they show their culture and habits; how they reflect love as being something powerful and profound.

I never found any movie/series that could demonstrate in details what real love is about, what friendship means and how far someone would go to get what he wants. I won't forget this drama, I will probably watch it again. I never saw anyone fight for someone like the main character did, everything he did for her, all the pain he went through, how he changed just to fit into her world, it made me cry. I think love is about changing for someone, protecting that person, standing by her/his side, do anything just to be with them.

"People change for a reason and I just hope I'm the reason they change for good."

Lunga Izata

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