PR in Angola?

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I am at a stage of my course that I should have any doubts about what I am going to do in the future but I do. The place that is teaching me to be a good PR practioner, its not the same place that I intend to work. To be more clear, different cities have different views and distinguish views frame different people or professionals.

We often are told that the environment which we live in, change our attitude, perception, even personality. In my opinion, it's true, not completely but yes it defines, creates and changes us. The same thing happens to courses, degrees, masters and anything that is related to the experience of learning because the person or entity that is teaching us was framed by the environment he/she lived in. I hope I am not distancing from my point, I am trying to make a statement based on the fact that degrees could be different from country to country; especially the ones based on humanities, like sociology, public relations, law, etc. The only study that is less influenced by or not at all is math, because like wise man Galileo once said: “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.”

Focusing on the social environment, we can say that different countries have different costumes, habits, ideas, therefore they have different ways of thinking.

I started to raise doubts about my decision when people from home made silly comments about my degree choice. My family always supports my decision but this one I felt like they were not hundred percent sure that I was on the right path.

My issue here is that I’m studying public relations in the UK and I feel that my plans of the future will be vanished by the place I intend to work.  Angola is my native country and despite the conditions and the critical situation people face every day, I want to work there and develop as a PR practitioner. My question is: will my country be ready for my perception of PR?

I can honestly say no, just based on the fact that they do not have a degree in PR. They have a PR department on organizations, which is based on communication, publicity, and marketing. PR is not only a term to describe that. It is about all the actions through relations with the public. The thing is, if a PR department exists, why the course is not considerate as well? They probably think that PR is an experiment through life, and that anyone is willing to do it. They might be willing to, but what about being capable of? Experience is important and fundamental but the theory is necessary to know exactly what you are doing.

I believe that PR from Angola is completely different from the one in the UK, because regarding the fact that the term is misleading makes me realize which impression can I have from their work? The term PR in Angola is associated with a courier, as someone seen as a skillful. The actual name is “estafeta”, which means someone who is capable and always ready to perform all the tasks, when someone asks them to; he/she acts as a real courier, sending and receiving messages/packages; can do anything and at any time. All those activities are part of PR, but PR is more than that. PR profession has acquired such a prestige that they cannot and would not accept this comparison to a “courier”, their work has become so important and necessary to an organisation that is humiliating to be underestimated like that.

I don’t want to have this type of treatment and not having any type of credit or consideration for all this time studying and the hard work I put into my degree.

Lunga Izata

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