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First of all, the only thing "Tengo ganas de ti" is better than "Tres metros sobre el cielo" is the cover.
Tengo ganas de ti is the second part of 'Tres metros sobre el cielo'. I know there would be a second part because that end was too sad. So in order to understand this movie I need to go back and see where they left us. H is sad about his lost and decides to move on because of the last words he exchanged with Babi. In the last scene he tries to find her but unfortunately he sees her with a new guy and apparently moved on. It is clear that Babi is over H's drama and wants her dream life to be calm and peaceful.

Tengo ganas de ti starts with H coming back from London after two years and without a change. And I was glad, he wasn't even cold or bitter. Not at all, he was exactly the same with that perfect smile and love for adrenaline. He decides to work and has stopped racing.

Babi looks empty and mature. She is in relationship and from only one scene I can see that she still carries some of the things H revealed on her. She has more self-control and determined but those changes came with coldness and turned her into an exactly copy of her mom.

Of course they had to pull of the trick "New girl". Gin...I don't really know if that's her real name because she didn't have an impact on me. Gin is crazy, sexy, fun and fearless...H's soulmate right? She knows what she wants, likes photography, art, she is not afraid of getting her hands dirty, and knows how to party (especially with guys). And she has been through so much in life which made her a strong woman. They tried to picture her as the perfect match for H, making a statement that Babi was not made for him.

They used several different and amazing scenarios, like special dates, fun adventures to make Gin and H closer but I didn't buy it. No, it wasn't suppose to be. No way! Even Gin knew it wasn't real because she was insecure and even her care free personality couldn't hid it. She worried about Babi. First she asked about her and then was concerned about what she (Gin) was in his life. She didn't have a clue about where they stand because she knew Babi could destroy every thing just snapping her fingers.

Unfortunately, they didn't end up together. When I mean they, I mean my only and on H and Babi. Babi didn't want, and that was it. The author gave me hope with the second movie, making me believe I could have my perfect end for these two. He tricked me from the beginning showing that Babi was all that matters to H...In the first scene he is dreaming about her, then after seeing Katina (which was a way to get close to Babi) he goes to Babi's apartment and stays there hoping to have a chance to talk to her. Also, he goes to a club with Gin and totally forgets about her when Katina tells him Babi is there. He looks all over for her but doesn't find her.

It's obvious that H still has feelings for Babi but it's clear that this movie it's not about them anymore. Because he only meets her almost in the end. So they finally meet, and by the way he dismisses Gin's concert to meet Katina but I think he already knew Babi was involved. He sees her and they talk. He was nervous but she was too normal with the situation, different from the Babi of the first movie. She takes charge and takes him to their special place. She seduces him and they make love. It was too good to be true, our Babi wouldn't have the "Lets do it" attitude.

The scene wasn't romantic, which made me realise H and Gin's scene were too powerful for H to ignore Gin like that.

They made love but Babi made sex with him, we could see from her expression after in the car. She used him like he was just a body. Once again he waits for her decision and she apologises and says that she just wanted to see if she would feel the same thing she used to feel (but she didn't). She was going to get married, she had moved on. Babi looked frigid and formal like she was saying No to a bad business proposal. From that scene I could see that all my hope had died like them.

H understood and didn't fight for her...He just putted his hand on her head meaning "Take care, I wish you all the best" but I felt like he was disappointed with her because he knew she wasn't happy with her fiancé. But he had a life too and Babi was not the same navy girl he knew and she could make her own decisions.

H has no options, only looking for Gin. He goes to the concert backstage and finds her being abused. That's what I understood. I don't really know. He defends her but she is still mad because he left her alone to meet his supposed love of his life that turn out to be nothing.

He decides to make peace with his past, he destroys his bestfriend motorcycle (which means he is done with racing), he watches his mom die and forgives her for all the mistakes, and finally he decides to forget Babi.


The thing is Babi didn't love him enough and Gin has loved him since the first time he saw him. Gin showed to H how much he was special.

It was sad to see such a true love ending like that, H didn't love Gin, he loved how Gin made him feel. The way he looked at Gin was not the same way he looked at Babi. Gin was not his love, she was more like his partner and buddy.

But I guess sometimes you don't end up with the person you love but the one who is right for you, who understands all your imperfections and love your flaws. Gin was that girl!

Obs: There are some things I didn't understand: Why was Babi's mother crying in the car? Why she cried when her husband offered her a DVD? Was him cheating or not? Did Babi's sister keep the baby?

In overall, that whole family was sad and Babi could escape from all that with H but she choose to pretend having a happy life.

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  1. hello! I don't know if you still check your blog or not since this article was posted a long time ago. but i do hope you check your blog.
    yes, the other part i can't understand is why Babi pretend to have happy life while she still look out the window to check H?
    sigh... i need to read the novel.

    1. Hi. I am only seeing this today...i think she still cared for him but didn't love him anymore...thanks for reading it, i appreciate it