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I am a sucker for movies, especially romantic and drama genres. I accidentally watched an italian movie called "Tres metros sobre el cielo" Three steps above heaven which describes a young couple's love.

The first time I watched it tree times in a row and I still couldn't understand. It was dubbed in portuguese but I still could feel how real the movie was. I hate dubbed movies because they kill the spark.

I felt in love with them...H is a rebel without a cause type of boy, although he thinks he has a reason to have a dramatic personality. I don't think it was strong enough for all that drama. H found out his mom was cheating on his dad with another guy, so he beats up the guy and is sentenced to community hours and some stuff to make him prevent of committing any crimes.

The only thing I though it was really shady, was the fact that his mom didn't defend him. When his family started worrying about his behaviour and aggressive attitude towards an unknown guy, she calmly said she didn't know why. That's the only scene that explains all those monsters in his head. His mom was a liar.

To avoid all his nonsense issues H spends most of his days with his friends and motor racing. His life is all about parties and having fun, his friends consider him "The Man".

On the other side of the story, there is Babi...I felt in love with her because of her name and naive personality. Babi follows all the rules and everything her mom says (which made her turn out like her in the end). She is insecure, the first time they saw each other he called her "ugly" and it had an impact on her. Babi has a conservative family, or maybe her mom is the only one but she stands for the whole family. She has a lot of principles and moral values and is the type of girl who makes lists of how the future should be.

I don't understand why every review describes their story like they have different backgrounds or social class differences. Both Babi and H are from a wealthy family. The only problem is H, that's all. H's choices and compulsive behaviour just ruined everything.

So how they met? Of course, there's always the crazy best friend, they both have one. Babi's crazy bestfriend Katina and H's crazy bestfriend Pollo start dating and finally H and Babi start spending some time together.

As time goes by their changes are noticeable, Babi shows another side of her, more adventurous and bold. There's a scene that she was really violent to a H's ex girlfriend. Even though she was changing, her true personality calm and sweet was melting H's heart and every time he had an aggressive behaviour she would make him calm down.

On one hand Babi was powerful and capable of comforting H, on the other hand H protected and cared for Babi like she was the only one in the world. The way he hugged, kissed her and put his hand on her head like she was the most precious thing to him. And every time she screamed about something stupid he did, he would just shut up, like she had power over him.

Babi and H were magic, I believed in their love and I wanted they to stay together. But I guess the author had to make the statement that the genre of the movie was drama and not a romantic comedy. After all the scenes presenting their love as something endless, in the end there was an actually end.

It was obvious that the main character was H and all the issues surrounding him. His bestfriend dies trying to prove something to him or something like that and H almost has a breakdown with his death. The perfect and "put together" Babi doesn't show a tear or empathy towards the accident and blames H for everything. They end with a fight. And that was it!

The movie makes it clears that H was the problem, the bad guy with all the wrong reasons and Babi had to avoid that kind of drama to her perfect life. To be honest, I couldn't see that. In my opinion H was perfect. He was a grown and honest man, confident about himself and wanted more from life. I could see more from H than the movie "pictured"and wanted to show. Or maybe that was the thing, to see H behind his flaws.

He protected his family hiding the true about his mom. He cared for his best friend like a brother. His conversation with Babi's dad demonstrated how mature and confident about love he was. Even though he had those anger issues I couldn't help to see how sensitive he was. H was amazing.

It was good to see a good girl changing and becoming a woman. Babi was gorgeous, a different kind of beauty, the the type that you can only see after knowing her or hearing her laugh. But she was weak.

Three steps above the heaven made me fall in love with the scenarios, the lights, the perfect sayings, and how intense love actually is. It had that sexually and mysterious touch like french movies and a bit of life and adrenaline like brazilian movies.

Definitely on the top of my list!

Lunga Izata

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