Charity or Self Marketing?

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Personally, charity means sharing love. Being able to provide a special moment for kids and remind them that they are just kids and have a bright future.

Charity groups aim to share a message about their experience helping in order to persuade others. The message will inspire others to do the same.

One way to persuade others for example, creating a slideshow of the pictures during the charities event, so people can see the great time volunteers had. Those type of experiences stand for working in team, discipline and generosity.

We live in a world where individuals are becoming humble and caring more about others. We often see celebrities, football players and so on sending millions to charities institutions. Charity is about knowing that you can help and make a big change with a solidary gesture.

When I was working for a marketing agency in my home country I learned about marketing expertise and the expression "Self marketing". Marketing is based on sending a message to the public and make them believe in the message.

Footballers are known for having a reputation of partying and spending a lot of money on material things. Their career is not only based on their performance and talent but also on their attitude and behavior in society. Sports are defined as physical education besides improving physically they should also invest on their education and character.

In order for footballers to end their bad reputation they start associating themselves with charities and anything related to providing to those in need. Charities, fundraising and social community work are often seen has a rescuer for people in a terrible place on their lives. One of the most common legal sentences to minor crimes is community service. It is not done voluntary but it has the best interest on the individual by changing their reputation and how others see them.

It’s not only about helping others but helping yourself by portraying yourself in a way that people would trust your potential. 

Self Marketing allows people to promote themselves and expose their qualities, gaining recognition. Charity experience creates spokes person who talk about their experience in order to motivate others. Individuals who work for charity invest on self marketing because getting to know other people struggles and how they deal with it brings a new perspective of life and a different image on society.

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