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One of the things that I struggled learning Public relations was to understand what we exactly do. In university we invest our time in learning theory and even though we are encouraged to take placements, it can be far from what we expect. My placement only gave me a general understanding of PR and specific knowledge of Marketing - offline and online activities.


It’s difficult to picture a career or to have a vision of our daily lives. I was watching a movie about a failure super hero that is criticized by society. The title of the movie is Hanckock. He is an alcoholic super hero that messes up every chance he has to save lives. Sometimes he manages to successfully save a life and rescue people but using not so clever techniques.

He has a bad reputation and society does not accept him. He meets Ray, a PR consultant who can be seen as super hero too because he is trying to save the world through a charity campaign. He decides to help Hancock and make him his new project, working on his reputation.

Through years saving people in certain circumstances Hancock has damage buildings and infra-structures. Therefore he owes to society and is sentenced to go to prison. Hancock uses his power to avoid his criminal sentence thinking he is above the law.

Ray makes him go to jail and get involved in an anger management course. After a while he changes his behaviour and attitude. When he leaves prison Ray helps him understand and respect police work. Ray changes Hancock appearance, suggests him to be polite towards people and careful with his power. He finally understands that it’s not only about the power but how to use the power. 

He starts working in collaboration with the police and appreciating their job. Hancock is finally accepted and idealized by society.

The devil wears prada

In the movie we find PR in the fashion industry and shows how it is competitive and challenging. This movie is about change of attitude and behaviour too. 

Andrea is an inspiring journalist who lands a job as a personal assistant of the editor of a fashion magazine, Runway. She is a simple girl and does not believe in fashion. 

She changes her style just to fit into her job world. She learns that to be successful she needs to know people and makes connections. Andrea finds herself in several circumstances that make her realize the issues involved in fashion such as appearance matters because it’s a way to make sure the agency’s image is seen the best way possible; be critical to work; keep personal live private; private life becomes personal life because time is limited; a lot of travelling; it’s important to just follow order and not question; there is history in fashion; brands require constant reviews; etc.  

Overall, Andrea understood that it asks for more than a strong resume, a successful career is based on hard-working, discipline and passion for fashion.

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