Do you love me?

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When I was young I was afraid of everything, afraid of the dark, of getting old, missing recess, etc. In school, I always feared that I wasn't ready for the next academic year, that it was going to be too hard and that I wasn't smart enough. In university, I had doubts about living by myself, then getting a job, getting married, having kids and every next step of my life that required common sense. Fortunately, I got over my insecurities and I am doing Ok. Today I am only scared of losing you.

One of the things that have helped me figure out things in life and choose wisely are books and movies. They carry meaningful messages and important life advices. In drama, comedy, horror or any genre of movies, there's always an issue revolving around a love story. For instance, the couple is from rival families; there's a conspiracy trying to separate them for a particular and very smart reason; one of the lovers has cancer, and anything more powerful than the universe. But in the end, they work out their issues and stay together, at least for the second movie or they die lol.

So I ask myself why you put so much effort into making sure we don't work out? You are not in prison, you didn't kill my brother and you are not an evil creature trying to take down the world. You are not a slave, you are free to make decisions and there is no higher power trying to separate us. So I ask you "Why?" Why there's always an issue with you? Why you ban yourself from feeling the love I have to offer. Why am I here begging for you to allow me to care of you? You know I love you and you are the only person who can fix this, there is no religion contention, there is no distance...You know you have the last word! So I will ask you one more time:

Do you love me?

August 2016
Lunga Izata

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