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I met Salem when I was attending Yali Leadership training program in South Africa and we became friends. Salem is from Namibia which shares boarders with Angola and also make us brothers :) He is a gentleman, very caring and cool person. He has a great sense of style and his fashion reflects his confidence but his easy going vibe shows his humbleness and kind heart.

Name: Ndakondja Salem Embashu
Date of birth:  9/04/1993
Place of birth: Onesi, Namibia

Salem Embashu

"I feel comfortable dressing men and doesn't discriminate gender."

What is about fashion that makes you interested? Why not photography, art, for example?

I have passion for fashion...My passion for fashion started when I was very young. My grandmother used to take me to church, the way she dressed me up made me really happy, she putted me a suit and a tie and all those things...

There's no way i am going to leave fashion for photography. When you walk out there nobody can tell if you are a photographer or what...the first thing people see is the way you look, the way you present yourself, so your outfit tells people something even before you matters!

One thing is to have passion for fashion and the other is to have style. Have you been receiving a lot of compliments? When did hit you had good sense of style?

I have been receiving compliments "you look good "i like your swag/style" but I don't take those compliments serious no more. Fashion or style compliments don't matter to me anymore because evertime i walk out of the house i know the way i look...but i know i am going to receive compliments anyway...

it hit me when it got to the point that anytime a friend wanted to buy something, they always invited me to help them...I am the one who always choose and it fits them perfectly...they never leave me behind when they go lead me to start charging my friends even my close friends because i get busy and i don't have now i do personal shopping for them... i know how to buy clothes, clothes that reflect their personality...and that's how i started my styling business...

Since you mentioned styling business do you plan on to make fashion a lifestyle, invest on it for a business or it's just a hobby?

 Well fashion is my hobby and also my lifestyle...So I am the fashion and fashion is me! So what we do now is personal shopping and styling for magazines, we do styling for video adverts and all those...We also make men accessories which include bow ties, ties, pocket squares...I always wanted to be a designer so my dream to become designer is always there...I want to start designing myself....i want to make suits, make "killer suits" for both men and women...

I am planning a lot of things, this is my dream!! become a fashion a designer and to create a brand...a fashion brand...I'm putting my time in a lot of things and hopefully they will turn out well...So watch my space!  (meaning "Keep your eyes on what I do")

Which fashion tv shows do you watch?

I am becoming a very busy person...I don't have time for tv...what i do is read magazines...i have limited time, i am involved in a lot of stuff...but when i can i watch fashion tv.

Who is you favourite celebrity style? Why?

I look up to young african designers...A designer that inspires me a lot is Theo Ngobeni, his brand is Mr.Slimfit...his work inspires me a lot, to work hard, extra hard and to believe in myself...

Do you feel more comfortable dressing men or women?

I feel comfortable dressing men and women...We/fashion don't discriminate gender.

I noticed that you keep saying "We". So I guess there are other people involved in your business? How is working together? Do you guys have different styles?

Salem Dakks is a brand...when I talk about business i don't address it as an individual... I always use "we"...Yes! I have other people helping me out...people with complicate personalities, especially women lol...but they are my partners!...I work close with Keneilwe Mampuru ( ), the best young african designer from south african, she is the one who helps me a lot when it comes to styling a woman. 

How do you see fashion in 5 years?

The way I see fashion in 5 years from now is a lot of people putting time into how they look...i see my brand as the "brand of choice" in Africa! I see myself showcasing my brand and my designs into the western as well...

Do you follow/depend on current trends or you believe in you own fashion sense?

Trends come and it's really hard to follow me following trends its just a confusion to me...i believe in what i do and i believe in my creativity, it also depends on the customer, what customers want, we reflect customers personalities! It's not just us creating things!..It's about pleasing the customers.

Do you think dressing well requires a lot of money or creativity?

Let me start with creativity, it's something natural because it's my passion and i love doing this...regarding money, i think we as african, mostly young africans...wait! let me focus on entrepreneurs.. we as entrepreneurs we spend a lot of money on unnecessary things..I urge the entrepreneurs to spend on what makes them look the best, as entrepreneurs we need to look the part...forget anything else that really doesn't matter, you need to carry yourself always the best way, present yourself in a suitable way!

Since fashion is your life...does the person you date needs to have style?

That's a tricky one lol! One thing I am most attracted to women is their class...if the woman has style it is attractive to yeah!

Favourite colour: Navy blue
Favourite brand: Tom ford
Favourite perfume: Azzaro
Favourite place:Windhoek, Namibia
Favourite hobbie:  Styling/ Baskteball

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