First Movie Review - Reprisal

I always wanted to do movie reviews, I just didn’t know when and how to start. I don’t have any academic qualifications in the film industry, I am just someone who is attentive to details and passionate about fiction. Also people constantly ask me to update my blog but it’s difficult to write about feelings all the time, you really don’t expect me to get my heart broken every week, right? When the idea first came to mind, I thought I was going to review romantic comedies or drama movies, which are the ones I like the most. However, there were not many options available… so the chosen one was Reprisal, an action movie.

On my way to the theatre room, I met this guy that kept trying to make small talk, so I begged him not to ask me the name of the movie that I was going to watch because I couldn’t pronounce it properly. Before I got there, the movie had already started, at least five minutes ago. So the first scene was a family; a couple and their daughter getting ready to start their daily routine. By the first scene it looks like this movie is a big thing you know, like there is a big plot coming. Get ready to get disappointed.

Their house looks nice and he looks like he is a CEO of something, like someone important but then we moved to his job scene and he is just a normal bank employee, not even his own office or anything. He is just there sitting on this desk, apparently having a busy day. I finally recognised this guy, he’s from ‘Prison Break’, he was the guy trying to help Vince’s ex-girlfriend getting him and Michael out of prison. Only if you are a fan you will remember. It’s funny that whenever movies don’t have big names, they bring in people from Prison break to save the day, but nah! This movie is actually sad. The good news is that a big name is coming.

His wife calls to tell him about bombs and whatever, which has no relation to the plot. Now talking about his wife, she looks like an expensive prostitute with feelings, like she sleeps with billionaires but is almost giving up this life, like she is going to commit suicide at any point. They really failed with the cast selection, I am sorry! I can even go far, she looks like a Japanese porn star, she is too beautiful to just be a common wife with a sick daughter. Yes the daughter has diabetes, any importance to the plot? No, just to confuse us.

So the main guy is at the bank working, with a lot of things happening, everything is alarming that something awful is going to happen, probably a bomb; since the wife mentioned it. At this point you start feeling sorry for everyone in the bank, especially a grandfather and his grandchildren whom he promised of taking out to get ice cream. Finally, this guy comes completely masked and armed, shooting a security guard and taking the main guy to the safe box. They tried really hard to make the bad guy look smart because he doesn’t talk, he uses written cards so people don’t recognize his voice.

I am not sure if he gets the money or not, all of a sudden, the police comes and he disappears. So an investigation starts, a CIA or something comes to figure out what happened. I kept trying to remember where I know him from…Got it! He is from ‘Something borrowed’, he was the love interest of two best friends which made them stop talking because of him. It made sense because in that movie he was very attractive, like crazy attractive. However, in this movie it’s like he aged twenty years, he looked completely different but he is the only one whose looks represents his role.

So, it looks like the main guy is the suspect…they sent him home and it appears that he might lose his job. He spends days at home doing nothing and reviving the episode. His neighbour Bruce Wills comes often to keep him company and help him recover. They spent time in the backyard trying to solve the robbery riddle together, the house outside looks completely different from inside, it’s like he is not even at home, like they sent him to another city or a rehab centre.

He suddenly remembers a detail about that day - the locks that the criminal used. While he is explaining to Bruce how the locks look like, the script is trying to convince the audience that Bruce Willis is the bad guy. I actually hoped he was and I wished there was a big motive but nah. They start researching and brainstorming and they finally find the bad guy and his address. The prison break guy follows him and gets to his next robbery target, while Bruce Willis calls the police. The bad guy gets the money, hides it and is able to escape in a very smart way, it was actually entertaining how he planned everything.

The good guy finds the money and steals it, takes it home and doesn’t tell anyone, which makes us question his morals, but then you need to remember that he has a sick daughter. That’s the thing that I like about movies, even the bad ones, every scene and plot information matters in a way.

The bad guy goes back and doesn’t find the money. Now, the movie changes, the criminal is chasing the good guy and he is able to get him by threatening the CIA guy and a police girl who is very attractive, for no reason. He is able to find where the main guy lives and kidnappes his family. From his demeanour, you can tell that this guy is painfully evil, throughout the movie he shoots people in the face, literally in the face…beautiful people, geez! It’s like even if you survive, you rather not live because your face is messed up. The end is reaching and you keep asking yourself what is the motive? There is this scene in the beginning that shows the bad guy visiting his dad in a retirement centre, it’s clear he is mentally ill because he offers alcohol to this alcoholic dad. Besides being mentally disturbed, there’s nothing there, just a guy who wants money.

The bad guy asks for the money in return for the good guy’s family. They meet somewhere in public, exchange a few nonsensical words, which are unnecessary because there is no history, they don’t know each other, there is no ‘beef’. Wait, the violent guy killed the good guy’s co-worker, sorry I forgot to mention that…but still the exchange of words was pointless. He gives the money but there’s only red powder (???) in the bag, which I have no idea what it is.... Meanwhile, Bruce Willis rescues the family and makes sure they are safe. He then rushes to go kill the “face shooter” and shoots him with so much hate, it looked like he did something to him in the past. And they lived happily ever after…

One thing I liked was the fact that we knew the bad guy before them, the movie was a labyrinth, through which we could see who both the bad guy and good guy were. We were just waiting for them to meet and understand the purpose. The movie failed miserably delivering strong content…it was quite bad, from cast to sound choice. The whole movie you hear exciting background noise thinking something will happen but nothing. It looked like a horror movie, you just hear noise…Anyways, I am not here to negatively critique movies, it just happens that I wasn’t fond of this movie, I hope to give informative and engaging reflections.

If you enjoy movie reviews, please check Denniz Swarts’s reviews. I think he is the best :)

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