Ocean's 8

Yesterday I was at a family gathering and my cousins were having one of their common movie discussions, trying to rate the best movie of the year 2018 and they mentioned ‘Ocean’s 8’. So, I guess I gotta do it. I am kinda bump that I won’t be able to be my judgmental self and talk about all the wrong things about this movie because there are not many or maybe there aren’t any at all. What can you expect from Sandra Bullock, really? That woman is a goddess. Whenever I watch her interviews, the way she laughs, it warms my heart. I fell in love with her on ‘The Blind Side’, but we can’t forget about ‘All About Steve’, how could she portray such a relatable, weirdo and awkward young woman? What about ‘The Proposal’? She does it perfectly on romantic comedies.

The movie starts with her at some kind of deposition before leaving prison and I guess she is supposed to look remorseful and say she changed. By what she revealed you can tell that she was in a relationship and her lover screwed her up and she ended up in prison. She is free and in five minutes you can tell that she definitely didn’t change and she is a professional thief. Stealing from store to store, using all kinds of tricks that actually make you wonder how  people come with this stuff and if there is people out there doing the same. You can tell she likes the good life, expensive hotels and clothes and everything.

She meets up with an old friend and convinces her on taking part in a new big scheme. Basically, she wants to steal a Cartier necklace at the Met Gala. So first they need to find a stylist who is desperate for money and would agree to be part of the team. They find a broke and out of fashion stylist and convince her to be part of it. They know that Cartier will only lend the necklace to an A list start which is Anne Hathaway. But she is not representing herself for some reason, she is portraying an actress called Daphne Kluger which makes me wonder why they changed her name because they mention names of big stars like Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe because the character in the movie is not very kind I guess; but on the other hand, Anne Hathaway is known for not being very likeable in Hollywood, which is a shame because I love her. Anyways, they managed to get the stylist to photograph Anne Hathaway’s sort of rival and it makes her want the stylist to style her for the Met Gala. I wasn’t surprised that famous people behave like that, you kind of expect it.

So, they have the stylist, the famous actress…what’s next? They get Rihanna,  a hot nerd hacker who will help them with the cameras at the event and making a copy of the necklace. Then, they get this Asian chick who is a master in stealing and its actually entertaining to see her. I am trying to remember every girl because, gosh! it is a lot of women in one movie. There is this girl from the Mindy project and in this movie she works with jewellery and will help them later. At this point they are six…next is a retired thief slash housewife who looked like she couldn’t help with anything but she turned out to be helpful. The housewife gets a last-minute job with Vogue and helps them run the event by hiring a catering company that will allow the girls to be at the venue and poison Anne Hathaway.

So, Anne Hathaway is wearing a dress designed by the stylist and she convinced her that the dress would go with the so wanted necklace. She is at the Met Gala enjoying her poisoned food when she starts feeling ill and goes to the toilet to throw up. The Asian thief specialist is already there waiting for her, helps her throw up and steals the necklace. While this is happening, Sandra Bullock is outside preventing Cartier security guards from going to the women’s toilet. Anne Hathaway comes out of the toilet without the necklace and everyone starts going crazy. There is a shutdown, people are not allowed to leave until they find it. One of the ocean’s 8 finds it in a lake and it’s so obvious that she is involved but they decide to ignore it. While everyone is relieved that they found it, Mindy is in another toilet breaking the jewellery into seven different pieces so they all can wear it as an accessory and leave the premises without questions.

The necklace gets back to the Cartier house and they immediately find out it is fake. They call an inspector and I thought this comedy would at least try to be serious about this, guess who they call? The carpool karaoke guy. Geez! He can’t even have a straight face and I can’t look at him without laughing, I don’t know if it’s his British accent or if he is just hilarious. After a few sit downs with people at the event, looking at pictures and pretending to be a serious guy from an action movie, he finds out Sandra Bullock is involved. It was easy since she has a record of stealing and her whole family is part of the business.

He sits down with her and tells her that he knows she did it but he doesn’t have proof. She was already expecting it and had everything figured out. She tells him that she shouldn’t take the fall for this, but her ex should. I forgot to mention her ex, the one who put her in prison was Anne Hathaway’s date at the Met Gala, maybe I wanted to create some kind of suspense in this movie review. That’s why she chose Anne in the first place, she knew they were seeing each other. And you can clearly tell this was revenge but for some reason you don’t feel like she is bitter. There is this moment back in the beginning of the movie when she is telling her story to one of the girls and she gives that petty look that only Sandra can do, the whole movie turns into a drama and the cheerful comedy scenario changes and you sympathise with Sandra’s pain. Basically, the guy made her fall in love with him then made her sign a few papers which led her to be the fall out person and go to prison for five years. Anne learns about the whole scheme, she also agrees that Sandra should get back at the guy and joins the crew, making the Ocean’s 8 complete.

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