Movie review: Darkest Minds

So I watched the trailer of ‘Darkest minds’ long ago and I knew I had to watch the movie. It’s my type of movie, you know some kind of young adult fiction fantasy with teenagers trying to save the world, like the ‘Divergent’, ‘Maze Runner’ and so on. Watching those kinds of movies give me hope and motivation to continue writing because that’s exactly my goal, to one day write a fiction novel that will make to the box office.

So the movie starts in a primary school, a girl experiences some kind of power and dies. The first minutes of the movie looks like a trailer, you are not sure if the movie has started because everything is happening very fast, it’s like they are giving background information as fast as possible. So basically a certain disease is killing kids unexpectably and the ones who survive the disease acquire some kind of power and unusual abilities, therefore they are considered a danger to humanity. It actually reminded me of a friend explaining to me why the kids in the Twilight movie couldn’t be vampires. She told me that they wouldn’t be able to control their powers and would use it destructively. So in this movie, it’s similar…kids are being possessed by a power and are considered a danger to humanity, therefore they are taken away to a facility to train in order to control their power.

You can tell this was money well spent because the quality of the film speaks for itself, I like the bright colours and how the image looks. Amandla Stenberg is the main character and she brings her crying face and every time she looks like she is ready to cry at any moment. Her name in the movie is Ruby Daly, I am sorry but this name doesn’t make sense at all. It sounds as a robotic machine name or a clone who is stuck in some artificial intelligence premises. I don’t know, it just doesn’t sound right, especially for a black girl. Can we talk about race, please? I don’t expect the match to be perfect but the girl they choose to play the younger version of Ruby doesn’t resemble Amandla Stenberg at all. Both parents are African Americans and the younger version of Ruby looks like their child, the older Ruby doesn’t at all because you can tell that Amandla is mixed, someone who has a white and a black parent. Never in million years would a child who looked like that girl turn out to be Amandla later, as years go by you become darker, not lighter, your hair becomes silk, not smooth.

Her parents are concerned about the disease and worry about her. At night she goes to comfort her parents, touching their hands and saying something like “Please don’t worry!”. The next day their parents don’t remember who she is and call some people to take her to the camps where they are taking all the children. At the camp, Ruby needs to be analysed and diagnosed in order to join a certain colour, but this colour can’t be orange or red because those are the most dangerous children and can do anything. The supervisor diagnoses her with “orange” but she is able to use her powers to change the diagnostic to green, which are the least dangerous, they are kind but very smart.

Years go by, you can tell that she struggles to live there. She is found out to be orange somehow and a lady doctor tells her she wants to help her. The doctor reveals to be part of “Children League” and helps her escape. On the way to the Children league, their conversation in the car looks like she is lying or she is a bad actress. They stop at a gas station for her to change her clothes and the doctor introduces her to another associate of the league, Ruby immediately remembers the guy and is suspicious of him. She looks petrified and lost like she doesn’t know who to trust, still she goes inside the gas station and finds a little girl, Zu. Zu runs away from her but she follows her to a van. In the van, there are two other young boys, Liam and Chubs. They let her in after she begs and runs away with them.

They go to an abandoned mall to gather supplies where they meet other kids who tell them about a location which apparently is safe for kids to live. They embark on a journey and become close. Ruby and Liam develop some kind of chemistry, I actually think Liam is a perfect name for a love interest, you can easily fall for someone named Liam. You can tell he is a good guy by the way he treats Zu whom he and Chubs took upon themselves to take care of her. On the way to the unknown place, Liam tells Ruby about his awful experience with Children League and advises her not to trust them.

They reach the place where they are welcomed by Slip Kid who is responsible for the community. He seems very interested in Ruby and helping her with her power which she doesn’t know how to control and prevents her from getting close to people like Liam. Ruby and Slip Kid develop a friendship and they have sessions where she demonstrates to him what she is able to do. On one of her sessions she tells him that she erased herself from her parent’s life, she only realised it later and still doesn’t know how she was able to. That’s when the movie hits me, and I started wondering how it feels to erase yourself. We all have been to a place in our lives where we want to erase ourselves for good or maybe erase ourselves from a particular person’s life so that person doesn’t have to remember us and the hurt we caused them.

She regrets doing that and fears she will do it again. Knowing Ruby’s secret Slip kid becomes more powerful and is discovered to be the evil guy who actually wants to take over the world and has some kind of evil plan. She and the others manage to escape from him. While escaping, Chubs is severely injured and she decides to ask for help from the League ignoring Liam’s warnings. They are all taken by the league and Chubs is taken to the hospital.  At the league, they want Ruby to become a soldier and she accepts it as long as they release Liam since he had a traumatic experience with them. Knowing that Liam wouldn’t leave without her, she erases herself from Liam’s memories and they let Liam go. It was sad to watch but you can tell that this story is not over…to be continued

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