Movie Review: Robin Hood

To be honest, I never wanted to watch Robin Hood; the reason being that I don’t like movies set in 1940 or anything like that, it’s not my vibe. Whenever I watch them I think about the people involved, how much work was put into creating the scenarios, costumes and makeup, to make them resemble the olden days. Also a lot of things are happening and they use a very formal vocabulary which I can’t understand. One more reason, I promise…I love Robin Hood storyline I think it is the best of the super heroes storylines but I don’t like when they invite him to be part of the Avengers, it doesn’t make sense! Robin Hood is more like a historical hero; and does it really make sense to bring arrows to a Science fictional movie production full of superheroes with powers based on special effects?

To make matters worse I got there late, the worst thing that can happen to me is not watching a movie from the beginning. So I got there, I start watching it from a scene where some war guys were executing prisoners, I don’t know much of what happened because I was covering my eyes the whole time because I didn’t want to see the execution. Jamie Fox and his son were both prisoners and he was trying to prevent the war guys from killing his son, a teenage boy. Robin watching Jamie pleading for his son tries to intervene but they both failed. Robin is sent home because of his behaviour.

Returning home, he learns that his lover Marian has found someone else because the Sherriff of Nottingham announced he was dead two years ago. Nottingham made me think about Leeds (where I lived for almost five years) and I kinda miss their accent. Apparently the sheriff did that because he wanted to own Robin’s land. The city is the center of corruption where the ones in power take from the poor to fund wars, sounds familiar right?

Robin is short and for some reason, I think short men are genuinely good people. He reminds me of the guy in “The Hunger Games”, the one who had no chemistry with Katniss but ended up with her and we rooted for him because he was short and harmless, I guess. Meanwhile, Jamie fox follows Robin and asks him for help because he tried to protect his deceased son. He mentioned that he never saw a war man (to be specific a white man) caring about a prisoner like he did. Basically, he saw compassion in him and proposes to him to join him in stopping the war by stealing the money from the sheriff and the church people. The sheriff is a very intriguing character, something along being evil and funny, constantly saying the craziest thing like “if there is a God how come he gave you that face’. Throughout the movie the church played a big role and you see so much gold that you know there is an underlying message in the movie.

Jamie starts training Robin to perform the robberies perfectly, by improving his archery skills and so on. He begins stealing successfully using something to cover his face and the people name him ‘The hood’. Robin is also behaving like a lord, doing the formalities that his title asks for. During a party where the elite of Nothingam were present, he learns that all this war is a ploy of the church to claim total power. There’s this scene where the cardinal, wearing expensive and heavy clothes, mentions things like “pig piss” and ‘you are only powerless if you believe you are powerless’ and by his preaching it is implied how crazy and evil church people are. Infuriated by the money they keep losing, they start looking for Robin Hood, instead, they capture Jamie. He is tortured and forced to reveal the identity of the hood by the cardinal. The cardinal even mentions his son and teases him “I will kill a pig and you won’t see the paradise.” but still he doesn’t reveal hood’s identity.

Meanwhile, Marian, also furious with the situation and exploitation in her land, steals some kind of blueprints while, Hood is gathering people to fight back. He decides to reveal his identity so people will see that even a lord is tired of the system and wants to fight with them. When he speaks he looks like a theatre actor, like he is used to doing plays because he pauses while speaking and it seems that he was waiting for an applause from an audience. Even though the people trusted him, his acting wasn’t convincing for me. With everyone together he is able to fight and rescue Jamie. Also, he is reunited with Maria.

I have to say I think historical movies are boring but this one was actually fun and entertaining, everything happening when it should and a great way to personalise the original storyline. I also liked how a black actor was part of medieval movie without mentioning that he was black, like the whole movie no one mentioned he was black, he was just a character. It is always expected for a black actor in those kind of movies to be slaves but they were called prisoners and no one mentioned his colour. Thanks Jamie Fox for taking Robin hood to another level.

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