Venom movie review

Back in January, I am at the movie theatre, I was dying to watch a movie called “Widows” (movie review loading soon), I saw the movie time and everything and it was supposed to be showing at the time I got there and the guy says “there’s something happening at that venue”…Welcome to Angola! So he advised me to watch another movie, I saw the Venom movie poster and it looked like a vampire movie with cheap production. Then he started talking about spider man and I am like “what Venom has to do with spider man?” He is like “Just watch it”. So I did, and he was right, the movie was amazing. Days later, I saw one of the old spider man movies versions and venom is indeed one of his rivals.

The movie starts with Eddie, a good guy living a mediocre life, like something went wrong in his life. I can’t remember what he does, that’s what you get for doing a movie review a month after watching the movie. You can tell he is genuinely good by the first five minutes because he helps and cracks jokes with a homeless woman. Also, he gets to a convenience store and you can tell he goes there often and he sees the lady being robbed and thinks about stopping it but he changes his mind. It seems as if he was once a good guy and got into trouble for helping others. We confirm that minutes later when he is approached by a lady who works at some kind of experiment factory and exposes her boss to him. He used to be an investigative journalist and found out the founder of a bio engineering company was doing human trials.

The lady founds out Eddie was right and the engineer is indeed killing people. She asks Eddie to do something about it, he refuses by saying that her boss ruined his life (lost his girlfriend and left him jobless). There is a scene where he is outside his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and she shows up with a new guy. It is obvious that he still loves her…they have a quick chat and she mentioned something like “you did this...”, meaning it wasn’t the engineer guy who came in between their relationship but his own attitude.  

He agrees to meet with the lady who reached out to him at the factory. She lets him inside so he can see what is happening. While looking for evidence, he finds the homeless woman and it is clear she is one of the tests. While trying to rescue her, something happens and that something possessed his body. Apparently, Drake, the engineer, is testing human with some kind of ??? I have no idea what it is, it looks like some dark plasticine my goddaughter plays with. They keep calling it symbiote so let’s call it that.

That thing is in Eddie’s body now and he starts acting differently, eating and drinking a lot, acting like an animal, even hearing voices. Eddie looks for his ex-girlfriend for help, I actually like their bond and how she still cares. Her name is Weying, for some odd reason I can’t pronounce this name and I kept hearing “Annie”. She looks like an older version of Emma Stone, like a bad version of Gwen from the Amazing Spider man. She looks kinda old for her role and her skirts are a bit short. Anyways, her new boyfriend is a doctor (so convenient! Lol) and tells him about the symbiote and its weakness - noise.

I like how the power made Eddie stronger and how he easily demands Eddie to do everything he wants, like he came with his own agenda, he just needed a body. Imagine the spider telling spider man what to do lol. He actually has his own name, Venom. The engineer sends his bad guys to retrieve Venom but Eddie is able fight them. So Venom and the other symbiotes are looking for planets where they can use habitants’ body. But somehow along his plan, Venom forms an alliance with Eddie and he is able to change venom’s evil plan. Venom is actually funny and is a good influence on Eddie getting his life back together.

However, Eddie learns that Venom is slowly killing him by rottening his organs. Weying uses noise to take Venom out of Eddie’s body, leaving him powerless which eventually make the bad guys capture him. The engineer asks another symbiote for help. Meanwhile, Weying uses Venom by letting it in her body so she can free Eddie. Eddie finally reunites with Venom and by interacting with Eddie, Venom decides to protect earth from his own kind. They managed to kill the engineer and the other symbiotes. They become inseparable, Eddie is determined to teach Venom values and Venom wants to help Eddie get Weying back.

At the end, as Eddie is leaving Weying’s house, we see Stan Lee walking, like always sneap peaking on his creatures. I don’t know if they planned that since he passed away a few months before the premiere but it was spot on. It was nostalgic seeing him saying good bye to us. Thank you Mr. Stan Lee 

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  1. Interesting review. I think I will try to spare a couple of hours to watch the movie. I have had the movie on a flash drive since January this year but never really got to gathering the strength watch it. I think I will do that this afternoon.

    1. Hi gift, only seeing this today...thanks for taking the time I appreciate it